Notification of Enhancement Utility Allowance for Government Employees

Notification of Enhancement Utility Allowance for Government Employees

Today on 27.12.19 Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued the Notification of Enhancement Utility Allowance for government Officers / Officials who are working in Punjab Civil Secretariat under the government of Punjab.

Before the summery of this proposal was sent to the concerned department for approval. So the summary has been approved now and the Notification has been issued today on 27.12.2019. Wording of the Enhancement Utility Bill is given below:-

“In continuation of this Department’s Notification No.FD.SR-1-9-14/2002(P), dated 31.01.2017, competent authority  has been pleased to enhance the rate of Utility Allowance subject to the condition that the Administrative Departments will meet the demand for addition funds from within their existing Non-Development budget for the financial year 2019-2020, through re-appropriation or 2nd Statement of Excesses and Surrenders, to all the employees in BS-01 to BS-16 and the incumbents of the posts of Private Secretary (BS-17) & Superintendent (BS-17), working in the Punjab Civil Secretariat and drawing pay from the payroll of Secretariat Departments with effect from 01.01.2020 at the following rates”

Revised Rates Enhancement Utility Allowance (Notification)


Sr.# BPS Existing Rate (Per Month Rs.) Revised Rate (Per month Rs.)
1. 01 to 08 Rs. 3,000/- Rs.6,000/-
2. 09 to 14 Rs.4,000/- Rs.8,000/-
3. 15 Rs.5,000/- Rs.10,000/-
4. 16, Private Secretaries (BS-17) & Superintendents
Rs.7,000/- Rs.14,000/-
  • 2. The other terms and conditions shall remain the same.

Notification of Enhancement Utility Allowance

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