PAC Kamra Jobs 2021 Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra 550 + Vacancies

PAC Kamra Jobs 2021 Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra 550 + Vacancies has announced all over Pakistan on 26 April, 2021. Applications are invited from Pakistani Nationals to fulfill the following vacant positions (on contract basis). Interested candidates having required eligibility criteria as mentioned in the advertisement against each post. Willing candidates must fulfill the Eligibility Criteria to apply for these PAC Kamra Jobs. The last date to apply is  09 May, 2021.

Detail of PAC Kamra Jobs 2021

Source:Official web page of PAC
Posted Date:April 26, 2021
Organization:Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra 
No of Posts:563
Salary:25000-50000 +
Age Limit:25-45 Years
Education:Middle, Matric, Intermediate, BS, BSc and Master Degree
Job Location:All over Pakistan
Address:Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra.
Last Date:09 May, 2021

Detail of Vacancies

Sr. No.Name of PostQualificationNo. of Vacancies
1.Engg (Mechanical) (BPS-19)Master01
2.Engg (Mech) (BPS-18)MS/BE01
3.Engg (Electronics) (BPS-18)Master / BS01
4.Statistical Officer (BPS-18)Master01
5.Dy Dir Budget amp; Accounts (BPS-18)Master01
6.Asstt Works Manager (Aero) (BPS-17)BE/BS/BSc01
7.Assistant Director (Tech Engg) (BPS-17)MS/BE/BS01
8.Medical Officer / Lady Doctor (BPS-17)MBBS02
9.Medical Officer (Male) (BPS-17)MBBS01
10.PFM Armament Fitter (BPS-16)Matric + DAE01
11.PFM Avionics (BPS-16)Matric01
12.PFM Compressor Optr (BPS-16)Matric01
13.PFM Ref Plant Optr (BPS-16)Matric01
14.Security Supervisor (BPS-16)Matric01
15.Assistant Equipment Officer (BPS-16)Bachelors02
16.Interpreter (BPS-16)Master’s02
17.FM Engine Fitter (BPS-15)Matric01
18.FM Ref Plant Optr (BPS-15)Matric01
19.FM Avionics (BPS-15)Matric02
20.FM Machinist (BPS-15)Matric02
21.Education Instructor (BPS-15)BA/B.Sc01
22.FM Metal Worker (BPS-15)Matric02
23.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-15)Matric01
24.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-15)Matric02
25.Nursing Sister (BPS-14)Matric02
26.AFM Computer Aided Manufacturer (BPS-14)03 years DAE01
27.AFM Airframe Fitter (BPS-14)Matric02
28.AFM Airframe Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
29.AFM Engine Fitter (BPS-14)Matric05
30.AFM Engine Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
31.AFM Machinist (BPS-14)Matric01
32.AFM Metal Worker (BPS-14)Matric01
33.AFM Electric Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
34.AFM Painter (BPS-14)Matric01
35.AFM Armament Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
36.AFM Avionics (BPS-14)Matric04
37.IT Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)DAE in CS/IT02
38.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)B.Sc02
39.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)B.Sc05
40.Assistant Education Instructor (BPS-14)BA / B.Sc01
41.Stenotypist (BPS-14)Intermediate06
42.Stenotypist (BPS-14)Intermediate01
43.Accounts Assistant (BPS-14)B.Com / Bachelor01
44.Snr Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-13)Matric05
45.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-III) (BPS-13)B.Sc Phy+Chem04
46.Snr Charge Hand LSE (BPS-13)03 Years DAE01
47.Snr Charge Hand Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/Moulder) (BPS-13)Matric03
48.Accounts Assistant (BPS-13)D.Com / I. Com / Diploma01
49.Accounts Assistant (BPS-13)D.Com / I. Com / Diploma01
50.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-13)Matric03
51.Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-12)Matric03
52.Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-12)Matric01
53.Charge Hand Armament Fitter (BPS-12)Matric08
54.Charge Hand Armament Fitter (BPS-12)Matric03
55.Charge Hand Boiler Operator (Grade-III) (BPS-12)Matric02
56.Charge Hand Boiler Operator (Grade-III) (BPS-12)Matric03
57.Charge Hand Engine Fitter (BPS-12)Matric01
58.Charge Hand Electro Mech (BPS-12)Matric01
59.Charge Hand Painter (BPS-12)Matric01
60.Charge Hand Fabric Worker (BPS-12)Matric01
61.Charge Hand GSO (BPS-12)Matric01
62.Charge Hand Aircraft Finisher (BPS-12)Matric01
63.Charge Hand Machinist (BPS-12)Matric01
64.Charge Hand Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/B/S amp; Moulder) (BPS-12)Matric02
65.Charge Hand Rubber Tech (BPS-12)B.Sc in Phy+Chem05
66.Charge Hand Welder (BPS-12)Matric03
67.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-12)Matric06
68.Charge Hand Pattern Maker (BPS-12)Matric01
69.Ch/H Refrigeration Plant Operator (BPS-12)Matric01
70.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-IV) (BPS-12)a) B.Sc03
71.Supervisor Airframe Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)02
72.Supervisor Airframe Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)03
73.Supervisor Armament Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)05
74.Research Assistant (BPS-11)B.Sc01
75.Carpenter (BPS-11)Matric01
76.Supervisor Machinist (BPS-11)Matric01
77.Supervisor Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/B/S amp; Moulder) (BPS-11)F.Sc (Pre-Engg)05
78.Supervisor LSE (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)01
79.Supervisor Painter (BPS-11)Matric01
80.UDC (BPS-11)Intermediate13
81.UDC (BPS-11)Intermediate24
82.HSW Compressor Operator (BPS-10)Matric05
83.Draughtsman (BPS-10)Matric07
84.HSM Boiler Operator (Grade-IV) (BPS-10)Matric01
85.HSW Carpenter (BPS-10)Matric01
86.HSW Carpenter (BPS-10)Matric02
87.HSM Aircraft Finisher (BPS-10)F.Sc07
88.HSM Electric Fitt (BPS-10)F.Sc01
89.HSW Airframe Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc20
90.HSW Airframe Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc38
91.HSW Avionics (BPS-10)Matric03
92.HSW Avionics (BPS-10)Matric03
93.HSM Engine Fitter (BPS-10)FSc.03
94.HSM Armament Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc01
95.HSW Fabric Worker (BPS-10)F.Sc01
96.HSM Chemist (BPS-10)FSc01
97.HSM Electro Mech (BPS-10)F.Sc01
98.HSW Welder (BPS-10)FSC05
99.HSW Welder (BPS-10)FSC04
100.HSW Fabric Worker (BPS-10)F.Sc01
101.HSW GSO (BPS-10)F.Sc01
102.HSW Machinist (BPS-10)F.Sc39
103.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-10)Matric02
104.HSW Electro Mech (EF/IF) (BPS-10)F.Sc01
105.HSW Electro Mech (EF/IF) (BPS-10)F.Sc01
106.HobartOperator (Grade-III) (BPS-10)F.Sc02
107.HSW Refrigeration Plant Operator (BPS-10)Matric01
108.HSW MT Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc01
109.Admin Asstt (BPS-10)Intermediate01
110.LDC (BPS-09)F.Sc / F.A20
111.LDC (BPS-09)F.Sc / F.A02
112.Draughtsman (BPS-09)F.Sc01
113.Junior Security Supervisor (BPS-09)Matric01
114.Snr Wkr GSO (BPS-09)Matric01
115.MC-I Airframe Fitter (BPS-08)Matric16
116.Jnr Wkr Carpenter (BPS-08)Matric02
117.Jnr wkr Avionics (BPS-08)Matric03
118.Jnr Wkr Machinist (BPS-08)Matric01
119.Jnr Wkr Gen Fitter (MW/B/S/ Moulder) (BPS-08)Matric03
120.Jnr Wkr Engine Fitter (BPS-08)Matric01
121.MC-I Welder (BPS-08)Matric01
122.Data Processing Assistant (BPS-08)Intermediate01
123.Data Process Asstt (BPS-08)Intermediate01
124.MC-I Electric Fitter (BPS-08)Matric04
125.MC-I HT Worker (BPS-08)F.Sc.01
126.MC-I Instrument Fitter (BPS-08)Matric01
127.MC-I Laboratory Assistant (BPS-08)Matric01
128.MC-I Mechanical (BPS-08)Matric05
129.MC-I Mechanical (BPS-08)Matric01
130.MC-I Metal Worker (BPS-08)Matric03
131.MC-I / General Fitter (BPS-08)Matric07
132.MC-I / Jnr WkrPainter (BPS-08)Matric02
133.MC-I Pattern Maker (BPS-08)Matric01
134.MC-1 / Jnr Wkr MT Fitter (BPS-08)Matric03
135.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-08)Matric01
136.Jnr Wkr Welder (BPS-08)Matric01
137.MC-I / Jnr Wkr Radar Fitter (BPS-08)Matric02
138.Chartist (BPS-08)Matric01
139.MC-I Engine Fitter (BPS-07)Matric08
140.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-07)Matric01
141.Supply Assistant (BPS-07)Matric01
142.Supply Assistant (BPS-07)Matric08
143.MC-I Metal Worker (BPS-07)Matric04
144.MC-1 Machinist (BPS-07)Matric02
145.MC-I Welder (BPS-07)Matric01
146.MC-I Air Condition Mechanic (BPS-07)Matric02
147.MC-I / HS-I Airframe Fitter (BPS-07)Matric02
148.SM-II MT Fitter (BPS-07)Matric01
149.MC-II Airframe Fitter (BPS-06)Matric20
150.MC-II Machinist (BPS-06)Matric24
151.MC-II Metal Worker (BPS-06)Matric18
152.HS-II MT Fitter (BPS-06)Matric01
153.MC-II Electric Fitter (BPS-06)Matric03
154.Lab Assistant (Grade-VI) (BPS-05)Matric03
155.MTD (BPS-04)Matric03
156.MTD (BPS-04)Matric14
157.Gestetner Operator (BPS-04)Matric01
158.Ward Orderly (BPS-04)Matric01
159.Cook / Mess Waiter (BPS-04)Middle Pass03
160.Cook / Mess Waiter (BPS-04)Middle Pass05
161.Aya (BPS-04)Matric05

How to Apply for PAC Kamra Jobs 2021

  1. Interested candidates can Apply Online by visiting the official careers page of PAC i.e.
  2. The candidates, already a government servant, may apply through proper channel by providing N.O.C from their respective department.
  3. Incomplete applications or received after due date will not be entertained at all.
  4. Experience means post qualification experience gained in a regular full time paid job after attaining the prescribed qualification.
  5. Only short listed candidates shall be called for test / interview.
  6. Applicants for Medical / Doctor posts should be registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).
  7. Degrees / Educational Certificates should be from universities / institutions recognized by HEC / Technical Boards. In case of Engineering Degrees, it should be accredited from PEC and applicant should be registered with PEC.
  8. No TA/DA will be admissible.
  9. The last date to apply is  09 May, 2021.
  10. Click below to Apply Online.
Apply Online

Office Address: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Official Website:

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PAC Kamra Jobs
PAC Kamra Jobs
PAC Kamra Jobs 2021 Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra 550 + Vacancies
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